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Printing Options for Your Invitations

Printing is one of those things that can raise so many questions for my customers.  There are so many options out there. These options vary from Do-It-Yourself printing from home to having your invitations printed for you.  This post will hopefully help you with some of the answers to the questions you may have.

Each of the options has their advantages and disadvantages.  Hopefully your decisions will be made a little easier after reading this.  If you have any questions regarding your particular project please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Printing at home

The print at home option is the most economical method of printing your invitations but will require some items before you decide on this option.  You will require a home printer with ink, photo paper or heavy weight card stock (100lb works the best) and envelopes to fit you invitations.  You can purchase precut cards in 4×6 and 5×7 format for printing on too.


  • An inexpensive option
  • No extra technical knowledge required beyond how to print
  • Product is ready for printing and handing out the same day
  • A perfect option for birthday invitations


  • Quality of the product is dependent on the printer. High resolution setting works best but not all printers will offer this option
  • Will require cutting and assembly if printing on a letter sized sheet.

Printing at a Copy & Print Centre / Photo Centre

Printing your invitations at a Copy and Print Center or Photo Center will give you a beautiful quality invitation quickly and with little assembly.  It will require you to upload your files through an online service and pick up your final products when the order is complete and purchase envelopes to fit you cards. It is just as easy as printing photos online.  This service usually takes a day or two.


  • An affordable option of printing
  • Doesn’t require you to have a printer or purchase any paper
  • As easy as printing photos online
  • A perfect option for birthday invitations


  • Does require some technical knowledge for uploading the files but Little Celebrations is happy to help you with this if you need any help
  • Will require you to purchase envelopes

Examples of Photo Centers: Walgreens, Walmart,

Examples of Print and Copy Centers: Staples, Kinkos

Printing at an Online Printing Company

If you are looking for a printing option that gives you a bit of a higher quality product an online Printing Company is a great solution.  Like the Print and Copy Center option, you will be required to upload your files online.  You will also require a special formatting for your files but Little Celebrations will set that all up for you when you select Printing Company option under the Printing Options.  This service will provide you with envelopes and your final product will come trimmed.


  • A high quality product delivered trimmed and with envelopes
  • Extra printing options available including reverse side and higher quality paper
  • A perfect option for birthday invitations, shower invitations and announcements


  • Does require some technical knowledge for uploading the files but Little Celebrations is happy to help you with this if you need any help
  • Will require specialized formatting but when you select the Printing Company option this will be included. You can also add a reverse design with this option
  • Will require some extra time because the final products will be shipped to you through the mail.

Examples of Online Printing Companies: Vistaprint, Staples Cards and Invitations

Let me print it for you!

This option will give you the highest quality product with the most options for extra details and the least amount of work required by you.  All formatting, printing and assembly will be handled for you by Little Celebrations.  All you need to do is provide the information for your design with your order, decide on the number of invitations you need and approve your final proof.  The rest is looked after by me.  Your invitations will come with envelopes.


  • Produces a very high quality product
  • Final product comes fully assembled and ready to send
  • Provides you with additional printing options to add glamour to your finished product (reverse side, foil papers, alternate sizes)
  • A perfect solution option for formal birthday invitations, showers, birth announcements, wedding stationery


  • This is the most expensive printing option
  • Will require pre-planning and time for the delivery of the finished product. This service requires about 2 days for final proof approval,  2-3 days for printing and 5-8 business days for shipping within Canada and the US

I hope this has helped with some of the decisions you will be making with your upcoming celebration.  If you have any questions at all about next steps please don’t hesitate to contact me.